Does The Omega XL Unique Omega-3 Complex Really Contain 22X More Free Fatty Acids Than Regular Fish Oil?

Based on the information on the Omega XL website it would seem that this is one of those product that comes along ocasionally to create a positive impact in the wellness industry.

According to their website, “Omega XLís Unique Omega-3 Complex Contains up to 22 Times More Free Fatty Acids Than Regular Fish Oil.” It is said to be a highly concentrated Omega-3 Super Oil extracted from the New Zealand green lipped mussel.

So why is this so important?

Free fatty acids are very important to our diet and is also much more easier to be absorbed by the body. This makes Omega XL a very unique product to be consumed because of it’s high omega-3 potency level. As a matter of fact, research has shown that it is the most potent omega-3 complex on the market.

Now, there are some things that turn off people from those other fish oil capsules like allergies to shell fish, drug interactions and the usual fish burps. Well I’m happy to say that based on the reviews and recommendations these are things of the past with Omega XL.

I must warn you though that supplements are NOT instant cures. Some people suffer from various health challenges for many years and they expect to get immediate results as they start on a new product.

Results VARIES. While some people might get results quickly, for others it might take some time… but that doesn’t mean that its not working.

There are some major differences between Omega XL and the regular fish oil supplements out there, and while I’m not here to tell you that its better than the competition, I can definitely make recommendations based on all the research that has been done over the years.

Omega XL has over 25 years of research behind it and boasts over 30 clinical studies on its fish oil complex. This unique and patented fish oil complex contains 30 healthy fatty acids, including omega-3 DHA and EPA*, and contains up to 22 times more omega-3 Free Fatty Acids than regular fish oil.

Omega XL is pure and contains no levels of harmful toxins or PCBs that are sometimes associated with fish oil products sourced from other parts of the world. Omega XL is all-natural, 100% safe and is the one supplement you should be taking to lead a more healthier and active life.

Here are some characteristics of the regular fish oils:

A regular 1000mg fish oil capsule can be very intimidating to some of us who don’t like taking pills.

They have a low concentration of free fatty acids (Omega-3’s), so in order to get the right amount you might have to take multiple capsules for an effective dose, but there is also a negative side to this. By increasing the quantity of capsules you run the risk of getting those fish burps and other side effects as well.

Many of the fish oils on the market have a questionable or unknown source of origin. Now if you are like me and is very conscious of what you put in your body, then this should be a major concern for you. Taking these supplements can also interfere with other medications which could lead to more problems.

So what about the Omega XL softgel capsules:

Well one thing that appealed to me right away was its size. It is less than half the size of many of the fish oil capsules out there. That of itself makes it much less intimidating to people who don’t like taking pills.

Omega XL contains 30 healthy fatty acids including omega-3, DHA, and EPA. These all work synergistically together to relieve joint pain and inflammation more effectively.

Omega XL contains up to 22 times more fatty acids than the regular fish oils, so you DON’T need to take multiple tablets to get the benefits. Because its so potent 2 to 4 capsules daily can provide you with the health benefits you need – without the burps and side effects.

The source or origin of this product is also very important. It is sourced from the green-lipped mussels from the pristine waters of New Zealand. Unlike some of those other fish oil products that DO NOT provide specifics as to their origins, this is also welcoming news to the discerning consumer.

So, could this be what you’re looking for?

If you have been looking for an omega-3 supplement that lives up to its expectations then you might want to check out Omega XL. Based on the many studies, reviews, and recommendations from ordinary users and professionals alike, it would seem that this is a worth-while product to add to your diet.

Oh, and by the way, there are lots of other health benefits that can be derived from consuming a supplement like Omega XL, which contains a healthy dosage of omega-3 fatty acids on a consistent daily basis. So why not get the product that is more potent and easy to swallow than its Competitors?

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